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Poem: Aggression Trees and Fruit

A Pequi. Beware of Mineiros bearing gifts!

Aggression Trees & Fruit:


The red soil tinged with iron

Nurtures passion, envy and spite

Intense and always devastating

To foes; nurturing to friends.


The yellow fruit invites folly,

But creeps to those unaware

By the vengeance of true

And flexible, invisibility!


Be warned stranger by whiffs of

Smell so strong as to advise care,

Distance, attention and caution.

Signs I failed to heed, alas…


As of the land I should have known

When to beware and to retreat but

Didn’t, and hurt I was and had to

Escape from my own ground.

A.L.P. Gouthier

March 2014

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About Aggression Trees and Fruit

The outside of the Aggression Fruit/O lado de fora da fruta de Agressao.

About Aggression Trees and Fruit

Ver. March 2013


            The Aggression Trees thrive in the red iron rich soil of the General Mines, and as of the earth, it is reddish all over, form dark trunk to its finger like leaves that are tinted dark red. Its bright flowers in the colour of fire bloom in autumn, after the rains of summer and sprout into fruit slowly, through the short, gentler sun of dry winter season, only to completely ripen in the scorching sun of late spring.

               The fruit of Aggression, of the size and approximate shape of a small chicken egg, lies within a fine and shiny wood colour crust, hairless and shiny as polished wood. Inside of its skin there sprouts a hard and solid fruit, with little juice to it, colourless as the pale skin of a foetus. Its pulp must just be scraped with the teeth and never bitten into less one might find one’s mouth pierced by diminutive and almost invisible thorns, very difficult to remove once lodged.

            Once ripe and cooked it turns yellowish, of the colour of envy and spite, and emanates a distinctive smell, overpowering all other smells by the very strength.  In the depth of its seed, beyond a thick layer of thorns, there lies an acid that will burn the skin upon touch. A delicacy also appreciated by snakes that abound though these parts.

ALP Gouthier




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31.08 | 03:16

Li tudo e participei também. A prima de sempre e seguidora fiel.

25.08 | 22:08

Adorei as fotos! Bj e sucesso!

24.04 | 11:26

The Battle is a very impressive poem for me. I really like this. I also share this my friends during my

23.06 | 23:47

Hi Anna ! Congratulations for your site ! Very touching, the passage in which you expose your sorrow for not being able to cooperate with your father...

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