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Poetry Definition

Ver. Original/ March 2013


About poetry:

            Poetry is a story told by the sound of drums. It starts up with un-choreographed sequence of words thrown in staccato sequence, not really obeying their natural order that later has to be tamed into sense and shape. Just like the instinctive free-dance is just a sequence of movements, unplanned, respecting only an approximate beat.

ALP Gouthier

            It has been said that it is a hiding place, but no it is more like finding a place, or better a voice or a means to come out and be told to an audience, larger than one dared to before, by means of a shot version, more like a message.

Poem: Poetry Definition/ Written: 2013

Poetry Definition


The beat of drums

Mind Morse code

Swaying, rhythmic

An impulse.


Pouring words

Thoughts creating

Torrent of sounds

Bubbling from mind.


Throw not your stones

They’re only thoughts

Must not stone dreams

Actions refrain.


Give space to bloom

Dreamer may thrive

Moment of peace

Rest, live and die.


By: ALP Gouthier

Written: 2013

Poema: Definição de Poesia/Escrito: 2013

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31.08 | 03:16

Li tudo e participei também. A prima de sempre e seguidora fiel.

25.08 | 22:08

Adorei as fotos! Bj e sucesso!

24.04 | 11:26

The Battle is a very impressive poem for me. I really like this. I also share this my friends during my

23.06 | 23:47

Hi Anna ! Congratulations for your site ! Very touching, the passage in which you expose your sorrow for not being able to cooperate with your father...

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