Chapter 6 - Luciania

Luciania sugar plantation


The distillery

Chapter 6 - Luciânia

 “He that plants trees loves others beside himself.”

- Thomas Fuller


“No advance in wealth, no softening of manners,

no reform or revolution has ever brought

human equality a millimetre nearer.”

- George Orwell


“Plantations of good morals are easily captivated, colonised

and corrupted by the pests of a bad company.

Spray away bad companies and you will experience

a bumper harvest of your dream fruits!”
― Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes



Seas of green waves of continuous fields

Go to the far ends of horizons.

Gently they sway in the breeze,

And rejoice in life-giving abundance

That springs from sun-kissed earth.


Food and energy shoot up from rich soil,

Cover the seas of green, all swimming,

Eternal views, memories of childhood,

Of black buffalo by the lake grazing,

Silver lake shining in the light of moon.


Wild duck formations in flight that at

Day’s end surround, in formal salute.

Sand hills and palm-trees contouring the house

And spacious verandas, inviting a pause

To rest in the calm of evening.


Our secret forest of growing stones,

Rich greens hide the trails and caves

Journeys, horses in late afternoon,

Life’s memories bathed in golden sun

That live on and are seen in the mind.


Travels in jeeps along far away fields,

Low flying great distances to behold

Aerial vistas in panoramic splendour.

Adventurous, the fun-loving days of a

A life we alone led in the distant past.


©ALP Gouthier, 2009


The work never matches the dream of perfection

the artist has to start with.

                                      – William Faulkner

The old train station of Luciania village

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25.08 | 17:07

Está perfeito.Parabéns.Adorei

26.03 | 16:05

Acho que o sofrimento e as perseguições o mudaram, mas ele nunca perdeu seu lado humano.
Fiz o melhor que estava em meu alcance por ele.
Sinto muito sua falta!

26.03 | 15:58

Ele dizia que o maior golpe que recebeu em sua vida foi a intervenção no Banco Financial.
Compartilho com você a visão do grande ser humano que ele foi.

26.03 | 15:54

Muitas vezes eu penso que houveram duas fases principais da vida de meu pai.
concordo com você. Admiro sua atitude de resguardar a boa memória dele.

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