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BOOK 4: AMPLE HORIZONS / THE CONSEQUENCES / In Defense of the End of Impunity / Em Defesa do Fim da Impunidade

1- Book 4 - Titles and Information

Our Defense / Nossa Defesa

Book Written: 2010 - 2016?

Horizon Saga Book 4:

By ALP Gouthier

Title: Ample Horizons

Sub-title: The Consequences 

Period Covered: 1987 - 2017?

2- Book 4 - Synopsis


            Finally, the last book of the series, Far Horizons, picks up the story from the time of tragic sudden death of my mother in 1987 to everything that happened until present day. And, a lot happened in these years of good, bad, and very bad, to revive again as all things must, that remain alive.

            It appears to me that I have covered all of this material already in my book of poetry. It is true. All that I have written so far are just variations on the same theme. Once someone told me that a letter is the picture of the writer and my saga I suppose that may be included in this, but a poem shows the soul of the writer. I will have presented both, my picture and my soul.

            I have surrounded all of my tales with the historical context pertinent to the place and time in which the stories happened, as a personal event is also part of its environment. And, in my eternal search for the beginning of stories I have made use of the powerful weapon which is etymological research. It is quite amazing what words can tell. The common words, as used by people through times, carry messages within themselves. You have to look deep into their roots and you will find out their secret.

 APL Gouthier

3- Book 4 - Dedication and Acknowlegment

4) Dedication and Acknowledgements of The Horizon Saga – Book 4.

Title: Far Horizons,

Sub-Title: The Consequences

“I fear nothing as much as vulgarity.” ALP Gouthier

“Lose no hope when faced with hardships,

Black clouds soon give way to clear rain.”

 Prince Shuja, 1800

            The fourth book of the trilogy, Ample Horizons, is dedicated to my husband of later years Roberto, who has loved and stood by me with unending patience, through good times and bad times.

ALP Gouthier

4 - Book 4 - Prologue

Antonio Luciano Pereira Filho

Prologue of Book 4

Far Horizons

“PRIMUM NO NOCERE – First do no Harm”

“That which does not defeat, makes one stronger”- Nietzsche

           In the beginning we, my family, were persecuted by our political orientation, by the perceived womanizing of my father’s, as described by rumours and gossip; and later by raised the voices of our enemies, without any question whether it was true or not. Guilty as accused!

            I know I must remember that many people are not convinced about the advantages of capitalism as a better means of achieving social justice. Those who blindly condemn the lawful accumulation of wealth are also against the only economic system to truly succeed in the world up to this day; as well as the system under which the middle classes have become the larger portion of the social strata triangle, and at the same time allowed for the respect of personal property and of personal freedom. I obviously do. Have always done. So I have never felt any guilt about the economic benefits that surrounded me from birth, in spite of the poverty that we see in everyday life in Brazil. It is as usual just the case of the eternal philosophical battle of economic leanings that has made more victims than any other struggle on this earth.

            I also believe in the equality of people, rich or poor, black or white, even though the habit of Brazilians of thinking about the whitening of our race is seen by some as a form of prejudice. Miscegenation for us has always been a way to improve the race and I do believe that we have created a very handsome race. In any case, prejudice is not always negative and in a manner of speaking, it can also be positive. And in this form it can be as a powerful as it is in the negative version.

             When I first came to live in the UK I was very much, previously disposed, to like everything. The people, the country, and even the climate! And so I liked it!  I had spent my childhood listening to stories, related by my maternal grandmother, about the peacefulness and the happiness that prevailed in her home, as she grew up, and as her father was English, I concluded in my child’s mind, that was because he was English. To complete the positive impression, I met in Boston, at university, an English boy, with whom I fell in love, who was also very calm and very nice. That did it. I loved England before I arrived and nothing could go wrong for me here.

            I pride myself on learning from experience, and of using my keen powers of observation in the defence of my own interests and of those whom I choose to defend. And now, I ask about myself, the same question that I made about my father: What was my guilt? Could it be described as possessing the strength to defend myself, by hook or by crook, against all attacks that I perceived not to be of my interest? So be it. I have no wish to be remembered as a victim. Though I also have been known never to have been a persecutor of the weak, I have not allowed myself to be trodden on either.

            We, my family, suffered in the city where we lived a smearing campaign, aimed by some, and feed upon public opinion, against our principles of honesty and good behaviour, as to suggest among ourselves generalized pattern of crudeness. And we defended ourselves my isolating ourselves, as much as it was necessary to survive.

            But every cause has champion and I, in the name of my family, take my pen to defend our honour.

 ALP Gouthier

5- Book 4 - Epilogue

Diploma de Personagem do Seculo.

Epilogue – Book 4

The importance of being earnest - Oscar Wilde


            My father, at the end of his life was very angry at me, he was also disillusioned. I think he thought that I did not love him. But I did. How can once not love a father that was such a good father and adored me so much that I had the impression, maybe this is just vanity on my part, that he placed a lot of his hopes on me. But life is hard. Through circumstances beyond his control father became depressed and as a consequence became a very bitter person, difficult to live or work with. And I perceiving this escaped to safeguard my metal stability. He may have given me up then, but I will never give him up, it is not in my nature. I never desist and always insist. It is both exciting and exhausting. I have taken on some major wars and many minor battles.

            The first and an early battle could be described as the engineering of the escaping for good from the persecution that my family was suffering, from the public in general and the press, of the city of Belo Horizonte.  It started as a local battle and ended up as a life time war. It never ended but I achieved an early success by going to study abroad. The difficult part was the rift that caused within my family, who could not understand my motive.

            The second war was a consequence of the first. In the mid 1970’s when I decided that I would not go back and work with my father, he became so upset and consequently forever furious at me. This was the most painful.

            In the 1990’s I had to fight in two fronts at the same time. The war of succession of my father’s estate had started, which was consequently a struggle in the defence of my own life’s interests, and I had to battle also for the possession of my children, on the courts of England. Of these last two, the first was the longest but they were both equally daunting.

            Now, in the aftermath of the last ones, into the 2010’s decade, I felt compelled to take on additional challenges. The long term one is the defence of my father’s name which I will do through the writing of the trilogy, The Horizon Saga, which will take me a lot of years to do and which I embrace with enthusiasm. The other one, which I hope and wish it to be of shorter duration, is with regards to the defence of my daughter. It is a delicate operation that I intend to win. In both I am tireless.

                        I find it easier to fight with the written word, though the spoken word serves as the necessary touch here and there, as I go along, and I have been known to use other weapons.  So, I have had to keep my claws sharp, and my wits about me, even when traversing periods of emotional distress, sort of speak. My mind is as sharp now as ever, by the constant practice of battle, as my poems express. I will manoeuvre and manipulate openly, with pride and no guilt, if I find it necessary for the defence of myself or my two children. The reason why some people say that others are guilty of manipulation is because the accused had more success than accuser in their endeavours.

            Returning to the 2010’s I will not allow my baby daughter to be verbally victimized because she has a gift, or a few. She is beautiful, brilliant, cultured, kind and sensitive. A true daughter of her mother’s! After all, I produced her with extreme care. I had the time in which to do it, the determination and the dare with which to achieve it. No one can possess my mind, or better our minds. We are strong and crafty, and fight on using weapons powered by endless neurons. And when necessary, temporarily we endure the hard times but never compromise our conscience.  

            I have guided my own life with a strong hand, in the directions of my own choice. It has always been part of my personality to simply never allow myself just to be led. I am not in the habit of feeling fear though I carefully practice caution. How sweet it is to keep the mental muscles toned, alive and sharp. At times of peace I, or we, rest surrounded by silence and calm. A refreshing state so necessary to recharge the brain!

            Again have I drifted in thought, lost within the expanses of possibility? Is this fact or fiction? Both, I believe, as life often appears to be just an endless twisting of drama and laughter. I have written this saga to set the records straight and to exorcise my demons. The demons of the mind that haunt on provocation and when least expected. And so it is done.

            What has happened? I have spoken and was not supposed to speak!

If one speaks one may expose the heart. Dangerous practice, speaking. Partial reclusion and silence are much safer, and at times equally powerful.

 ALP Gouthier

The Lucania Palmeras Family/ A familia Lucania Palmeras, 1950
Our Protection / A nossa Proteção

Motto / Lema

        My motto as a writer: 
       Meu lema como escritora:
The Use of Literature in Defense of Truth
O Uso da Literatura em Defesa da Verdade

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