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Indigenous Brazilians

1-Titles and General Information

Written: 2010 - 2014?

Saga Horizon Book 1

Title: Wide Horizons

Sub-Title: The History of Brazilians

Period of History Covered: 10 000BC to 1925

By: ALP Gouthier

2-Wide Horizons- A History of Brazilians / Synopsis

The first book of the quartet, entitled Wide Horizons, covers from pre-history, to the early republic. In it I briefly present Brazil’s history from a point of view different from the usual text book version, which was written by the victors of the colonizing process. The historical information I present is focused to those aspects pertinent to the lives of the people in question, as well as my special areas of interest which are: ethnography, etymology.


 The trail of the first inhabitants snakes along the Earth and arrive in their Pindorama (The Land of Palms) as far back as eight thousand years before the coming of our Jesus Christ. There they live and thrive in a way which was best adapted to their environment, until the day when a very different intruder arrived at their shores. This was an event which could be equalled to aliens coming to earth, and their life change forever under the impact of the new colonizing forces.

This leads me to the second half of the 1500’s when my first ancestors appear to have reached our shores and through time struggle to survive in the belief that they were the bringers of civilization and religious salvation to this savage land.

Continuing, by the late 1600’s to early 1700’s most of my other forbears had arrived in the newly named land of Brazil and each these converged towards the wealthy grounds of the General Mines.

The last arrivals, the English contingent, came in the early nineteenth century, also with dreams of adventure and a great amount of daring, and were as all the others engulfed by the vastness of this territory encircled by mountains, never to return to the old continent, until Anastasia.

3-Dedication and Acknoledgements

1) Dedication and Acknowledgements of The Horizon Saga

– Book 1.

Title: Wide Horizons,

Subtitle: The History of Brazilians

Ver. June 2013

                                         Stanza 1:

                                           My odyssey has mind and soul

                                           As such must change to stay alive

                                           And when it stops, no more to grow

                                           It will then mean I’ve come to die.       

          I dedicate the first book of the Horizon Quartet, Converging Horizons, to my father Antonio whose words guided and protected me throughout my life. I treasure my memories of childhood, which he made extremely happy. My father was the largest single influence of my life. He made me whom I am and what I am, and still to this day, I am a consequence of him. I say this with a lot of pride for the wonderful father I had.

            I also would like to mention here my friend Michael Goedhuis for his instant belief in my literary ability, even before he read anything I had ever written. He just liked the way I put together a story I was telling him on the very first time I met him. I am not accustomed to being encouraged, having experienced more stone throwing from various quarters. But it felt wonderful hearing, more than once, from Michael: “She is a great writer”. He went on pushing me along towards a literary agent, though I thought it was much too early as I did not even have the courage yet to show my work.

            In Brazil there is a saying that states that “the house-saint does not do miracles”. The implication is that one is more likely to believe in “miracles” that come from strangers than from those that are present in our everyday lives. My husband Roberto believes in me implicitly about everything, but as we say, he is “Santo de Casa”, or just the house’s saint. This implies that his judgement may not be impartial as he loves me.

ALP Gouthier

4-Wide Horizons / Prologue

Prologue / Book 1

Wide Horizons

Ver. June 2013/ AG


            I have come to the conclusion that only the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth will defend us, my family in general, from falsehood and myths spread about us. But the story I will relate will, step by step, disclose all that I lived and that I heard, I saw and I could find out.

To the public in general I will explain that we are not at important, though wealthy in our time, not actually known beyond the mountains of our state, somewhere, in the heart of Brazil.

            When I first started putting together my family saga, my first choice of title for it was: “In Defence”! But I was discouraged as to my choice by more than one person because it showed too much aggressiveness. So in time I came to name it the “Horizon Saga”, as much of the story happens in the city of Belo Horizonte. But one of these day, researching of the emblems justice of my two countries, I came upon the words “In Defence” again, in the emblem of the English Justice, in Latin as, as follows:

 IN DEFENS – NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT, which I have interpreted as:

 “In Defence – of the End of Impunity”. This is a concept very much in vogue in Brazil these days and, God help us, I do not know how far we will get.

ALP Gouthier


5-Wide Horizons - Epilogue

The Pequi Fruit

Epilogue of Book 1

Wide Horizons

Ver. June 2013

“Variations on the same Theme” or “The Practice of Tautology”

 May be defined as in Logic, as the repetition of something

with the purpose of convincing.

The expression above, known as the Eroica Variations, was originally a reference to Ludwig von Beethoven’s Variations and Fugue, for piano in Eb major, which are a set of fifteen variations for solo piano composed in 1802.

            My own variations are in literature. I have repeated the same story in both prose and poetry ad exhaustion. Is it a lack of imagination or an obsession?  Never mind, I am in good company as variations go.

            I have developed a writing technique that mixes local history, etymology of related words, family stories and personal experience into the body of my chapters. The tools I consciously use, in everyday life, are the observation of facial expressions and body language as an essential part of understanding people. The correlation of facts, and analogies to information that I find pertinent, complete the overall picture I try to describe.

            This way, my Saga project progresses by leaps and bounds.

            Originally, the tragic story of Anna de Assis was of great inspiration to me. I knew then that it was my mission to defend our family’s name.

 ALP Gouthier

Diamantina, MG

        My motto as a writer: 
       Meu lema como escritora:
The Use of Literature in Defense of Truth
O Uso da Literatura em Defesa da Verdade

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